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Ever find yourself wanting to volunteer but saying...

“I don’t know how I could help.”

“I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

  • You can make an impact in the Fight for Good with whatever time and skills you have.

  • Because being a nice human always has a place in your day.

  • Don't you wish more people realized when we look out for others, we all thrive together?


    And, yes, we know …

    “But I’m just one person!"

    "What can I do to make a difference?"

    "To have a real impact?”

You’re in the right spot, friend!


We'll give you tools for building well-being in the life and soul of your neighbors and family while featuring real-life change happening in communities across the U.S. through The Salvation Army. With red kettles, thrift shops and a physical presence in every zip code, The Salvation Army assists 23 million Americans a year.


We meet human needs without discrimination differently in each community,

exactly as that community needs—and have been doing so since 1865.



 But we don’t do it alone. We need you! 💯 



Whatever your interest, there is a you-sized need for goodness in the world. 

Whether it's through opportunities with The Salvation Army

or elsewhere, your gifts are needed. You are needed. 


Get the guide on How To Be An Impactful Volunteer

and find 9 habits to make a difference when giving back.

Cultivate these habits and you will make a difference in the lives of others.


When you strive to do good, you help build a safer world for all

and give others a lasting display of the love behind your beliefs.


Ready to get started?

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