You’re in the right spot, friend!


🤗 We give you tools for building well-being in the life and soul of your neighbors and family while featuring real-life change happening in communities across the U.S. through The Salvation Army. With red kettles, thrift shops and a physical presence in every zip code, The Salvation Army assists 23 million Americans a year meeting needs from hunger to homelessness to filling a specific gap.


We meet human needs without discrimination differently in each community, exactly as that community needs—and have been doing so since 1865.  


But we don’t do it alone. We need you! 💯


So what’s your story? Around here, there’s one Fight for Good Rule: YOU can be the reason somebody believes in goodness.


And the secret to where to begin? 


Knowing how to help starts with getting clear on what you value. ✨


When you identify your core values—and the elements of your own story that help evidence that value in your life—you’ll join the Fight for Good in the way only you can. 


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  • The fundamental formula of a good story.  
  • What it takes upfront to find and tell your story. 
  • Where to find “the magic” in a good story.  
  • What emotional skill is key to good storytelling. 
  • How to integrate the elements of our story with our values.  
  • A step-by-step process to finding and crafting the start of your story.
  • How to tell people who you are, what you’re passionate about and why you care. 
  • Renewed confidence, healing or simply the satisfaction of finding your voice, owning your story and sharing it with others.  

Hi, I'm Christin!

Christin Thieme is Editor in Chief of Caring, where she tells stories about people of all experiences—the unbelievable and every day—who each have something special to share with the world. (Even if they don’t know it yet.)


Whether she’s interviewing a best-selling author, a government leader in Cuba, a single mom in Los Angeles or a coffee farmer in Vietnam, Christin believes all of us simply need someone to recognize (and wordsmith) what sparks in our story. 

Your story is uniquely yours.

It’s the one thing you have that no one else does. You’re the one who can tell it best—and use it in the Fight for Good. 


Join our free 5-day email course to get clear on both your values and your story.