Perfect the art of neighboring with the


a 4-week journey for families in how to be a good neighbor

How do we treat everyone with love and kindness, as if they were our neighbor?

This 17-page guide is for families interested in what Scripture says and tangible steps to being a caring, helpful, welcoming and supportive neighbor.


Together each week, you will learn from the Word, ask guided questions, discover the truth God wants you to take away and then do good.


Better understand as a family what it means to be a good neighbor by exploring:

  • Who is my neighbor?
  • How can I help my neighbor?
  • How should I treat my neighbor?
  • How can I defend my neighbor? 

Then be a caring neighbor and put God’s truth into action with the tangible action ideas on your roadmap. Print it out, put it somewhere visible in your home and mark them off together as you go!

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If you’re a family who cares about doing good around you, then this is for you.


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